Technology Consulting

Access Network Design

  • Propagation Model Tuning
  • Nominal Cell Planning
  • Radio Network Design Survey
  • In-Building Design Solution, Implementation and Verification’
  • Microwave Network Design

Network Tuning and Optimization

  • Hardware Installation Verification (Site Audit)
  • Initial tuning
    • Drive Test Data Collection
    • Drive Test Data Post Processing
    • Identification of Problem Areas and Service Affecting Issues
    • Generating Recommendations to Improve Network Performance
    • Pre-Launch Network Integrity Cross-Checks
  • Network Optimization
    • Network KPI Monitoring and Optimization
    • Providing Recommendations to Improve Network’s Voice Accessibility and Retainability
    • Generating Recommendations to Increase Network’s Data Performance
    • Performing Essential Network Audits to Alleviate Configuration Discrepancies

3S Training Hubs

  • Revolving Eng./Tech. training hubs.
    • California (North and South)
    • North Texas
    • New Jersey/Philly


Training Program Covered:

Drive testing Fundamentals(Intro & hands on, Ride along real time scenarios) Data Collection for UMTS and GSM using tools such as TEMS, Agilent, etc.

UMTS Planning, Design, and Optimization.

EVDO Optimization

LTE Design

RT2  Training (Installation, Integration and Commissioning)

Occupational Safety workshop


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